Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halston 'Henry' python clutch

A guy friend of mine asked me one time what pleasure do women get from buying expensive bags.  I said, the same pleasure men get from buying their expensive toys.  I actually don't buy things, particularly bags, that costs more than what I earn in a month.  If ever I buy myself something that is really expensive, it is something that I can use to help me with my freelancing activities--laptops or cellphones.  

Going back to bags,  I think what made my friend ask me the question is that his friend's wife bought a bag that is, well, too expensive... more expensive than a laptop.

See that clutch?  That's Halton's 'Henry python clutch that is as expensive as the wife's bag.  It sells for $2,497.50 previously $4,995.

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